Wigan Warriors: Liam Farrell says Jai Field and Bevan French have brought a new brand of rugby to Super League

Liam Farrell says the “unbelievable” Jai Field and Bevan French are the type of players everyone loves to watch.

The 32-year-old has been named in the Super League Dream Team alongside his two Wigan Warriors teammates.

Farrell states while the pair have been impressive, a lot of hard work goes on throughout the team to allow them to express themselves.

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“They’ve probably stolen 90 percent of the headlines this year, deservedly so because they’ve been great,” he said.

Liam Farrell was named in the Super League Dream Team alongside Jai Field and Bevan French

“For the fans they have been unbelievable, they’ve brought a complete new brand of rugby to Super League, everyone loves watching them.

“The game could be going a certain way then one of them will show a flash of magic and just steal it completely, but they are a special kind of player.

“Ultimately when one of them breaks away, you know that the other one will be there, so we are lucky to have them.

“They’ll acknowledge as well that the lads around them, especially the ones in the middle who do the hard work, have paved the way for them.”