Wigan Warriors: Matty Peet delighted with his side's defensive desire in the victory over Wakefield

Wigan Warriors head coach Matty Peet says he was delighted with the desire of his team in the 36-6 victory over Wakefield Trinity.

His side booked their place in the Challenge Cup semi-finals at Elland Road, where they will take on St Helens on May 7.

Peet says he was happy with how his team worked as a unit in order to get the hard fought win.

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He said: “It was far from easy, it was exactly what we expected in terms of the challenge. We know from looking at our past record here, combined with how they are playing, that we were stepping into a game where we wouldn’t have it all our own way.

Matty Peet

“I was happy with our desire to defend our line, and cover for one and other. Looking after your mate is what stood out about us, and that’s what we are aspiring to be. That’s what got us the result in the end, along with some flashes of brilliance.

“If you have those brilliant players but you don’t have the dedication and desire, you probably end up down. We are aiming for a really tight-knit group, who enjoy the process and our work.

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“Teams that enjoy sustained success, are built on hard work. Talent doesn’t really win you competitions, it’s commitment to the group.

“We are a team who pride ourselves on growing into games and being fit, and the pace we have means we are a threat when players grow tired. We played direct in the second half and got some joy from that.”

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Iain Thornley left the field of play at the break due to an injury, with players having to rotate to fill that space.

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“He got a bang on the shoulder, so he wasn’t fit for the second half, he was in a lot of pain so we will get that assessed quickly,” Peet added.

“We know this time of year will test our team, but it’s exciting. It’s a trademark of ours that we want to be an adaptable group. We want to adapt to different challenges and situations, players have to change jobs when required. You need a good skillset to do that.

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“I’m confident that our team and back line can handle adversity, it’s all about your mindset. John Bateman and Zak Hardaker have a good connection, they play well together and enjoy each other’s company.

“John has been excellent all season, he does a lot of unseen things, and effort areas that inspire the team. It’s only when he gets or sets a try that people shine a light on his other stuff. We love his competitive nature.”

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Peet also praised Jai Field, who went over for his second hat-trick of the season in the victory.

“His pace makes him a standout, but he’s an intelligent player,” he explained.

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“His anticipation and work ethic to turn up in a lot of areas where you wouldn’t expect him, which means he does a lot of things that go unnoticed. We’ve had great support players at this club in the past, Shaun Edwards springs to mind.

“It’s about instinct but desire. He wants to be in the picture. There’s certainly more in him in terms of combination and getting used to the competition. You have to remember this was his first time coming to Wakefield, in his first season playing with his teammates.

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“He’s growing all the time and works very hard on himself physically.”