Wigan Warriors' new shirts '“ how fans reacted on social media

Wigan Warriors today unveiled their home and away shirts for 2019.

Wednesday, 21st November 2018, 3:30 pm
Updated Wednesday, 21st November 2018, 3:34 pm
Dom Manfredi in the new Wigan home shirt

Here is how some fans reacted on social media...

@janemiller18: “I love them both and getting them both! 2 x quality shirts for next season”

@LukeHold6: “The away kit looks amazing.”

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@UtdRobbo: “Only negative (and it’s slight) is it’s a bit TOO much white to cherry. I think it’s because of the white sleeves. But those are lovely.”

@caroleplatt1: “love it.”

Katrina Robinson: “Best shirts we’ve had in ages. Except the sponsor. That sponsor COMPLETELY ruins it. Well done.”

David Anthony Dutton: “Best kits in years. Quit yo jibber jabber!!”

Neil Jukes: “Both are good. Will be asking Santa for some extra presents this year.”

Matt Walker: “I like both, apart from the ever increasing prices!”

Andrew Nuttall: “Nice home one, be definitely 3 new home shirts in the Nutall house.”

Anne Hayton: “Love both shirts! Wish I could have both of them.”

@MandyAdden: “Not bad. Personally think the away should have been blue and white stripes, not the light blue.”

@Johnvincentlam2: “Like the home shirt but like the away shirt even better.”

@SRWood1989: “2 very nice shirts, bring on the new season!”

Barry Engelen: “Both smart, best we’ve had in a while, since errea started doing them I’d say.”

Ian Collett: “Like them both, great effort! Just follow up with some good looking training gear and I’m a happy chappy.”

Josh Screawn: “Personally think it looks cheap. The sponsor looks awful on both. Time to ditch Errea and go with a better manufacturer.”

Tina Wilson: “The shirts should be about WIGAN WARRIORS not prestone, I don’t mind sponsors but not when they dominate the cherry and white shirt.”

Martin Young: “To all who are whining about the sponsor, they are the ones that put the money into the club so I think a bit of leeway is allowed here. It happens at every club not just ours.”

Gaz Parkinson: “I love the home kit, especially the gradient on the middle stipe. Sponsor box does detract from the kit, but that’s sponsors right to have their logo how they like. I’m gutted that the badge isn’t embroidered onto the shirt. The printed crest makes it look like the training tops from last season (gold ones).”

Ryan Owen: “Moan moan moan whining at everything it’s a sponsor that every club have that put money in to the club and I like the kit. It’s cherry and white how it should be and the away kit is beautiful to.”