Banning orders for Warriors fans

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WIGAN Warriors have issued banning orders to five fans following trouble after the game at Huddersfield last month.

Trouble erupted in the away section of the John Smith’s stadium at the end of the game.

A flare was let off before a number of Wigan supporters began fighting between themselves.

Warriors officials – and the vast majority of fans – were quick to condemn the actions of those involved and an investigation was launched with Huddersfield Giants and West Yorkshire police in a bid to identify those responsible.

After monitoring CCTV footage, officials at Wigan have managed to find a number of the troublemakers and wrote to five fans over the weekend, informing them they are banned from attending games.

A club statement read: “The club has fully investigated the incident alongside the DW Stadium Safety Team, John Smith’s Stadium Management Team and West Yorkshire Police, having reviewed video footage, viewed photographic evidence and taken statements from a large number of Wigan fans who stepped forward to support the investigation.”

Lee Rigby has been banned for setting off a smoke canister inside the stadium.

Four others – Dean Baron, Jamie Dunn, Martin Keating and Glen Houghton – have been banned for their involvement in the violence.

All of the bans will last for three years with years two and three suspended. This suspension will be applied should the individuals attempt to gain entry into any Wigan Warriors game during the first year.

The details of one other individual has been passed to West Yorkshire Police in respect of an allegation of assault.

The club has refrained from commenting until the police have completed the investigation.

Four other supporters were also identified during the investigation and will receive letters warning them about their future conduct.

Wigan Warriors marketing director Simon Collinson said: “We will simply not tolerate the scenes that were witnessed in Huddersfield at a Wigan Warriors fixture.

“We have an amazing group of supporters who we are still proud to call our Loyal 18th man. he actions of a few will not be allowed to ruin the great support that 99.99 per cent of our fans provide week in week out or tarnish the great reputation they hold throughout the Sport.

“We are a Club which prides ourselves on providing a family-friendly, safe environment to watch the team, both at the DW Stadium and also at away fixtures.

“It is with great sadness that we have had to ban these people as it is the first time in my nine years at the Club that we’ve been forced to take such action; however, we have acted to identify those involved and have taken action to punish their behaviour whilst also demonstrating that this type of behaviour will simply not be tolerated.

“I would like to thank our supporters who have come forward to support the investigation and offer information as well as our partners at the DW Stadium and John Smith’s Stadium.”