BREAKING Warriors V Widnes: Game is called OFF

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Wigan’s home game against Widnes tomorrow night has been postponed.

Heavy weather conditions brought by Storm Doris have left club officials with no other choice than to call the game off.

The DW pitch took a battering by the wind and rain and the game against Cronulla.

Explaining the situation, Wigan Warriors chairman, Ian Lenagan, said: “With the inclement weather over the last day resulting in intermittent standing water on the pitch and the further forecasted bad weather over the next 24 hours, the DW Stadium pitch simply cannot sustain two games this weekend.

“With Wigan Athletic’s season at such a critical stage and after detailed discussions between myself and Wigan Athletic chairman, David Sharpe, it was agreed that they need to play this fixture more than we need to play ours.

“Potential for the game to be moved to Sunday was discussed but this simply isn’t an option with the pitch in its current state, therefore the game will be rescheduled for later this season.

“We apologise to our fans for the inconvenience and disappointment this causes.

“I too am bitterly disappointed not to be able tomorrow night to welcome our Champion team but feel certain that we have made the right decision.”