Culture at Wigan better than NZ Warriors, says Tomkins

Sam Tomkins is returning to Wigan next season
Sam Tomkins is returning to Wigan next season

SAM Tomkins has revealed the culture at New Zealand Warriors was “polar opposites” to his experiences at Wigan.

The England full-back is coming to the end of his second year in the NRL.

He left Wigan at the end of the double-winning 2013 campaign and admits he was “surprised at the culture” at the Auckland-based outfit.

“It wasn’t very strict compared to what I had been used to,” he wrote in his New Zealand Herald column.

“Overall, there probably wasn’t enough discipline.

“Individuals were not being entirely professional. Even though you might be at training for five or six hours a day, it doesn’t stop there - you have a duty to be looking after yourself and not everyone was doing that.

“It was polar opposites compared to my experiences in England.

“At Wigan, standards didn’t get compromised. It was a shock for me here at first but it’s definitely moving in the right direction and completely different to how it was. It’s now becoming that strict, professional environment paramount for success.”

He went on to say coach Andrew McFadden has been driving a stricter culture this season but says it will “evolve” over time.