Ex-Wigan Warriors boss Shaun Wane passing on leadership tips to businesses and leading banks

Shaun Wane has carved out a successful sideline venture – as a motivational speaker and leadership mentor.

Wednesday, 8th May 2019, 11:24 am
Shaun Wane has spoken to bankers at Canary Wharf
Shaun Wane has spoken to bankers at Canary Wharf

He has spoken to business managers and bankers, and now the former Wigan coach is delivering a talk in home town next month.

Wane will be appearing at The Edge Conference Centre, Riveredge, on Thursday June 13, and hopes his experiences with the Warriors – where he won three Grand Finals, a Challenge Cup and a World Club Challenge – will help local firms.

“I genuinely enjoy talking to business owners and managers,” he said. “It’s very satisfying, seeing people engaged. These talks are for anyone who wants to get better.

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Wane bowed out with a third Grand Final triumph

“I’m 54, and I still want to improve. Every morning I’m listening to different talks, reading a lot... I want to go to Australia in the next few months and learn from people there.

“And that philosophy was something we had at Wigan. You had to want to improve – if you were the type to sit back and enjoy the glory you wouldn’t last two minutes.

“I’ve found there’s a lot of cross-over between what we did as a performance department, and a club, to what they do in business.

“For example, when we played I wanted every detail nailed on, and that’s why we had such a strict environment, because you couldn’t be sloppy off the field and expect to be sharp on it, there’s a correlation. And when I say that to business leaders and I tell those stories, they get it.”

Wane cut his teeth at public speaking doing the after-dinner circuit and has been addressing players – and later the media – for years.

He branched out into speaking to businesses and sponsors while at Wigan before his departure, for a part-time role with Scotland RU, gave him the chance to dedicate more time to it.

Recently he was invited to Citibank, in London, and was pleased with the feedback he received.

“I’m from a council house in Worsley Hall and I’m in Canary Wharf speaking to major big-hitters...” he smiles, shaking his head.

“I’m proud of where I’m from but I’m also proud I’ve done something with my life. I was apprehensive before that talk – I wanted it to go well and it did.

“I was booked for two hours but it lasted three, answering different types of questions about leadership.

“The feedback was great. It’s good to know people got a lot out of it.”

Wane’s main role is working with Scotland RU as a high performance coach.

“It’s intense,” said Wane, who is still based in Standish. “My job is introducing standards from kids through to the top squad.

“There’s a big job to do – but it’s a great country and there are some wonderful people who are open to my ideas.”

Some would say his stock has risen in his absence, given Wigan’s struggles at the start of this season. If that is the case, Wane takes no satisfaction from it. “I know there’s a lot of improvement in them and it’s started turning around,” he said.

“I like Lammy, we’ve worked together, he’s a smart coach and because he’s played there, he knows it’s a big club and what people’s expectations are.”

He has been following their progress and will be taking in the club’s next Super League game as a fan.

“I couldn’t miss the Nou Camp one,” he said, nodding to the May 16 clash with Catalans in Barcelona. “It’s been a long time since I watched Wigan with a few mates and a few pints.

“I mean, a long, long time. Probably at Central Park. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to it.”