Fans' reactions to Wigan Warriors 2020 home kit

Warriors fans have reacted on social media to Wigan Warriors’ 2020 kit reveal.

Friday, 15th November 2019, 10:39 am
Wigan Warriors 2020 home kit
Wigan Warriors 2020 home kit

Here is a selection of their views ...

@GillyClarkeMCFC: “Like that, like that a lot.”

Mike Hampson: “May grow on me but first impression, don’t like it.”

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Rachel Brannigan: “At least its not got hoover on the front.”

Andy Bulman: “Shocking didn’t like it first time around.”

Rob Lord: “I normally moan about the kits lol but this is by far the best one we've had for a while. I really like it.”

Dave Quinn: “Going back a few years there... Frano Botica days. I prefer the full hoops but a shirt doesn’t do the business on the pitch its those wearing it! Just wear it with pride boys.”

Daniel Jones: “Love it.”

Widnes fan, @VikingHugheso: “Glorious, excellent shirt by a quality brand, not at all jealous because we're stuck with a jarg brand no-one ever heard of!”

Booga Donovandoni: “It’s a yes from Warwickshire Warriors.”

Lee Kelly: “Possibly the best Wigan have had since...........the last time they used this design!”

Iain Halley: “Best one in a long time.”

Stephen Ashton: “I likely. Will sell well.”

Susan Woods: “Stick to the Cherry & White stripes!”

@wiganerjd: “Sexy.”