Goulding poised for another big year

Darrell Goulding in pre-season training
Darrell Goulding in pre-season training
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DARRELL Goulding has his sights set on another big year as the Warriors plot to defend the Challenge Cup and Super League trophies next term.

The classy centre is suited to the more detailed emphasis on skills work since the players returned for training but insists the coaching staff haven’t gone soft where fitness is concerned.

“It’s really picked up and it’s getting a lot tougher,” Goulding admitted to the Evening Post.

“We are doing a lot at the moment and we’re in right up until Christmas Eve and we’re taking it just one day at a time.

“The lads won’t be up to much over Christmas – we have some time off with our families and we’re back in on January 2.”

Goulding won’t be taking it too easy over the festive period though.

“We work so hard over pre-season we don’t want to lose the gains we’ve made,” he said.

“This season there will be massive pressure because of what we did last year but we are expecting another big year.

“We’ve pretty much done some skills every day. Even on the days where we haven’t had a field session we’ve been doing skills.”