‘Hardcore’ schedule suits new man Tautai

Taulima Tautai
Taulima Tautai

HUMAN wrecking-ball Taulima Tautai is counting the days until he can play again and feels confident he can “play some really good footy here”.

The blockbusting forward made the last of his appearances for Wakefield exactly four months ago.

He has felt the benefits of a punishing winter training schedule with Wigan, and is hoping to illustrate his value during their pre-season schedule.

Tautai said: “At Wakefield it was a lot more laid back, everything here is intense, everything is 100 per cent.

“There aren’t any easy days, even when we do small field sessions, it’s pretty hardcore. But you play the way you train and if you want to be good on the field you have to do that.

“I feel like I can play some really good footy here.”

This weekend is the last without any game for Warriors players and their fans – their friendly at Leigh on Sunday, January 18 is followed by games at St Helens and Workington on successive weekends in the build-up to their Super League opener at Widnes on February 5.

Tautai, 26, said: “We’ve got trials coming up very soon and it’ll be good to play some games.”

A former NRL player with Parramatta and Cronulla, Tautai is one of three new arrivals at Wigan along with Larne Patrick and Lee Mossop – though the latter has only been away for a year.

“The boys have been really good, they’ve treated me as one of their own,” he added.

“When I first got here I didn’t know who to talk to, but Eddy Pettybourne was here.

“But now Eddy has gone I’ve got to know everyone and they’re all pretty good lads.”