Having a good time

Warriors fans having a good time
Warriors fans having a good time

Beers are in. Strangers are hugged. Wigan is rocking.

The tag ‘champions’ has a familiar ring to it, and it’s fair to say there will be a few sore heads in the morning… if any sleep has been managed.

Wigan’s 12-6 Grand Final win over Warrington is the club’s fourth Super League crown, and sees silverware welcomed back to the DW Stadium after an unwelcome two-season absence.

But the fun wasn’t over at the full-time hooter as chairman Ian Lenagan had an ‘important announcement’ to make as celebrations got underway.

Not a signing, not a departure, but something major…

We’re having a good time! (Even if the lip-syncing leaves something to be desired. Stick to the rugby lads).