Lenagan wanting a French connection

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WIGAN could have two French players in their first-team squad each year under radical plans put forward by chairman Ian Lenagan.

The Warriors boss wants Super League clubs to do more to help strengthen the France national team.

And he has put a proposal to the RFL urging them to consider a loan scheme with the country’s best young stars.

He believes stints with Wigan and other top, English clubs would accelerate the players’ development, and provide a shot in the arm to the French team.

Lenagan said: “It’s been discussed as a way of developing the game, and helping their best 18-20 year olds, the French equivalent of players like Josh Charnley, to improve.

“We could teach them English, help them with their education and let them stay for a year, two years or maybe even three years, and then they could go back as better players.” If the scheme got the go-ahead, Lenagan sees no reason why the young French players could not be gracing the cherry and white in future.

“I think there would be a strong possibility they could play for the first team,” he said. “Why not?”

Lenagan says other clubs have been receptive to his plan but is waiting for feedback from the French Federation.

“We’re waiting for them to see what they think about it,” he says. “We’ve had discussions and asked questions such as would every UK Super League club take somebody?

“Would you be better with two at a club rather than one at a club?

“There are still discussions to take place, but developing the French game is something that I think is of fundamental importance.”