Liam Farrell column: Derby fever has given me goosebumps

George Williams was 'special' against Leeds, says Farrell
George Williams was 'special' against Leeds, says Farrell

I’m not even playing tomorrow and I’m getting goosebumps about this one.

A few people have already mentioned the 2011 Good Friday to me!

We’re expecting a big crowd at the DW, it should be a pretty special event – they always are when we play against St Helens.

Over the last couple of months, they’ve gone around their business quietly and they’re coming into some good form.

Points-wise, it’s important for them to get the win to have any hope of a top-four finish before the season splits, but we’ll definitely be up for it as well.

Josh and Taulima have been suspended, but we’ve got some numbers back with Sam and Lockers coming returning to the side.

And John (Bateman) will add a lot to the pack – his return will take a bit of pressure off Ryan Sutton in the backrow.

Frank-Paul (Nuuausala) should also be better now he’s got a game under his belt and he’s settled in a bit.

He’s probably wondering why Aussies moan about the English weather, because it’s been nice since he arrived!

He’s getting tipped up by the lads on where to go –Josh has already taken him to Nando’s – and once he gets fitness he will be hard to handle.

The lads are ripping in in training – they’re certainly still in a confident mood, despite the 18-16 loss at Leeds last Friday.

I went over to Headingley and the lads went with the right attitude, we were just outplayed on the night.

We allowed Leeds to get a roll on and at times, they looked like the Leeds of old.

It doesn’t matter what the table says, they have quality everywhere.

We’ve pulled a few games out of bad situations in recent weeks, and this time we couldn’t quite get there. But I was really impressed with George Williams’ performance.

He showed everything he can do, he was pretty special, He’s skillful, but I’ve always said his running game is the best part of his game, and he showed that. He likes to get on the outside of players and when he does, he’s hard to catch. With Matty Smith controlling the game, it gives George a bit of a free reign and he is causing teams problems. Let’s hope he can do the same against St Helens this week!

Dom Crosby is sporting a skin-head right now.

It’s not out of choice.

He was late for a massage and so he had to ‘roll the dice’ – we have a list of punishments.

Dom (inset) had to bleach his hair black, but he had it like that for a week, then decided to shave it off!

There are a few punishments on the list – if you see a player sporting a Jonah Lomu haircut, with a shaved head but a tuft of hair at the front, you know it’s not out of choice!

Sadly, I have to report that the Pokemon craze has hit the Wigan squad.

I’ve no interest in it – absolutely none – but we have a Whatsapp group and some of the lads are talking about where they’ve been and where are good places for catching them.

You can imagine the lads doing it - Gells, Lewis, George... - they love it.