Liam Farrell Column – Rangi’s the master of the Chase

Rangi Chase
Rangi Chase

RANGI Chase has one of the best names in Super League.

He’s also probably the biggest threat to our chances of getting the two points this Friday night.

We’re really looking forward to getting back home – it’s been a long six weeks on the road – and we want to preserve our record at the DW

Liam Farrell

Salford rely on him a lot – they are a different side when he is playing – and we will need to put him under pressure, otherwise he has the ability to cause us a few headaches.

That isn’t just a case of keeping tabs on him. It runs through the team, making sure we force them play at our pace and get them into the grind – if we let them get their way, that’s when Rangi comes into his own.

They beat us on Easter Monday and, looking back, we probably took them for granted a bit.

Since then, they’ve been on a long losing run – ended at Wakefield on Sunday – and the loss of a few starters to injury and suspension really hurt them.

They’re getting some of those players back now, so they’re going to be stronger than they have in the past few weeks.

We’ll definitely be doing our homework on them.

One player we won’t need to do our homework on is their hooker.

Logan Tomkins has joined the Red Devils on loan, and it’s inevitable he will want to show Waney and the coaches here what they are missing.

We’re really looking forward to getting back home – it’s been a long six weeks on the road – and we want to preserve our record at the DW.

But Salford won’t lack motivation themselves.

The Red Devils are in 11th but I spotted the table yesterday and they’re only three points from Hull FC, in eighth, with a few games left before the Super 8s begin.

I was really against this league structure at first, but it’s worked out well and it’s going to get even better over the next few weeks. It’s hard to tip who will make the top eight, and who will miss out. Obviously Wakefield will finish in the bottom four, but I’m not sure who will join them.

IT was a bit quiet in training earlier this week.

Everyone was understandably down after the loss at St Helens.

If we hadn’t made those three unforced errors, we’d have been in front in the game, but we feel they were on the front foot in the whole of the second-half.

I know Matty Bowen made a couple of mistakes – on another day he would have taken them – but Mango has not played for Queensland and Australia for no reason.

We all saw how good he was at the Magic Weekend. When you’re playing full-back, mistakes are more exposed than, say, in the back-row, but he’s a classy player 
and I’m sure he’ll make it right when he gets the chance to.

Waney said after the game that we were awful. That’s how I felt at the time, because we left the pitch and the final scoreline - 30-14 - was quite convincing.

But in hindsight, we did some good things, scored a couple of nice tries and they only scored from our errors.

The rivalry seems to have got more grudge to it now, there’s a lot of pride at stake, and so it hurts more when we lose to St Helens than any other club.