Logan’s loving the USA

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LOGAN Tomkins is making the most of his experience on the other side of the pond.

The Warriors’ senior squad are nearing the end of their 10-day training camp in America.

Gruelling training sessions under the Florida sun have been combined with a range of team-building exercises, including a wrestling session in a Mixed Martial Arts gym and a trip to watch a Tampa Bay Buccaneers American Football game.

And hooker Tomkins said: “It’s great, because they’re experiences I’ll probably never have again unless I’m with Wigan, such as going to the NFL game and the MMA gym.

“We did it last year too and it’s good fun.

“I watch a bit of the UFC, and I’ve got massive respect for people who get punched in the face for a living! They’re all-round conditioned athletes and it’s great to go into their environment.

“As for the American football, it’s mad. It’s not like in England, the fans’ll be sat next to each other and high-fiving each other, even though they support different teams. They’re a different breed of people!

“But it’s all good fun.”

Tomkins, 21, made his Wigan debut in the Super League loss to Widnes earlier this year and went on to figure in eight further matches in both competitions.

He’s added some bulk to his frame during the off-season break, and confesses he hardly took any time off when the campaign came to an end.

“We were all given training schedules to do in our own time and they were intense – I couldn’t believe how hard they were,” he said.

“I had two weeks off at the end of the season, then went to the DW (health club) to start my own schedule.

“There was a woman doing a leisurely walk on a treadmill, and I was next to her, sprinting as fast as I could and then practically spewing up – everyone was looking at me thinking, ‘What’s he doing?!’”