Mathers praises doctors after testicle rupture

Richard Mathers
Richard Mathers

RICHIE Mathers praised doctors for saving one of his testicles after it was ruptured playing against Wigan on Sunday.

The former Warriors full-back revealed yesterday that he sustained the injury during his first carry of the match for Wakefield, who lost 44-24.

The 29-year-old under-went emergency surgery at St James’ hospital on Monday night.

Mathers Tweeted: “Massive blood clot and rupture but they managed to save it. Can’t thank the staff of St James enough for the care.

“Only really started to feel pain worsen when I came off with foot injury and cooled down.

“I’ve got a massive debt of gratitude to our club doc for his swift actions, organising all the best medical treatment.”

Mathers is the second player to suffer a serious injury to a testicle in the last few months.

Warrington Wolves prop, Paul Wood – who hails from Wigan – ruptured his right testicle in the Grand Final last October against Leeds.

He played on in the match but learnt the extent of his injury later in hospital, where the testicle was removed.