McIlorum reveals he had a bone graft op

Micky McIlorum has had a bone graft
Micky McIlorum has had a bone graft

MICKY McIlorom is hoping to get the green light to play from the start of 2016 – after revealing he finished last season battling a major injury.

The tough hooker needed a bone graft in the off-season after a previous operation on a fractured arm failed to take.

The problem worsened as the season unfolded, but having been denied a shot – in the previous year’s Grand Final due to a nasty facial injury – McIlorum toiled until the end.

“Where the fracture was on the other side of the plate, it hadn’t healed properly,” revealed McIlorum.

“To miss out (in 2014) was devastating and there was no way I was missing it again.

“The Doc said that, because the plate was there supporting it, I couldn’t make it worse – he just said I’d have to get the bone graft after to sort it out.”

McIlorum wasn’t officially listed as being ruled out of England contention because of injury, but said he spoke to Steve McNamara before the three-Test series against New Zealand and the coach agreed it was best for him to undergo surgery.

James Roby and Josh Hodgson shared the No.9 duties in his absence.

“Brooksy (Dr Chris Brookes) said I could play in the play-off games and the Grand Final,” said McIlorum.

“But I had a word with Steve Mac and it was best for me to have (the operation).”

The bone graft was taken from his hip, which has limited how much running the No.9 has been able to do.

But he is beginning to hit his stride and is hoping positive scan results will give him some late festive cheer.

“I’ve still got to wait for a scan in a couple of weeks to make sure it’s 100 per cent,” said the 27-year-old.

“But I’ve started back doing weights and running again – because I had the graft from the hip, it’s been a bit tender.

“But it feels 100 per cent better so it should be good, the physios are doing a great job and it looks like it’s healing well.”

The Warriors squad yesterday travelled to an Army camp in Yorkshire for an intense pre-Christmas camp.

Coach Shaun Wane opted for the military training instead of their Florida trip.

“They are the hardest training days of the year,” added McIlorum.

“However tough training is usually, the sessions only last a couple of hours, whereas these last a couple of days and they disrupt your sleep, it’s cold, it’s wet... it’s the longevity of it.”