No yoga joke for Wane

Warriors players work up a sweat
Warriors players work up a sweat

WIGAN Warriors players have taken up a brand new training technique to help them warm up ahead of this week’s Magic Weekend.

The playing squad took part in a session at The Yoga Lounge in Manchester this week after an idea from head of sport science, Mark Bitcon.

The classes – known as hot yoga – are over a 90-minute period and take place in a room heated up to more than 40 degrees

“We’re just doing some yoga, when it’s warm,” explained head coach Shaun Wane.

“It’s something different, a different sort of recovery and I’ll see how the players respond. We’ve got a decent turnaround before the Leeds game, so if there was a time to do it this was it.

“I’m not doing it, I’m as flexible as a pole. I could do with doing it, actually. It’s hot but it’s comfortable. I’ve been in and it’s not uncomfortable. They’ll enjoy it and it’ll be interesting to see how they do.”

The players all enjoyed the experience, although Wane concedes that it isn’t a method he used as a player.

“Yoga, believe it or not, makes them sore. It’s something that’s one of Mark Bitcon’s specialities.

“If someone in my day said, ‘Let’s do some hot yoga,’ it would’ve been total abuse. We’d have thought it was a speciality a beer!”