Nuuausala reunited with ‘assassin’ McIlorum

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Frank-Paul Nuuausala was quick to try and get on Micky McIlorum’s good side when they were reunited at Wigan yesterday!

The pair nearly had a dust-up during the 2014 World Club Challenge, when Nuuausala was at Sydney Roosters.

They shouldered into each other as the teams switched sides before kick-off, and after heated exchanges, were frequently into each other.

Shaun Wane admits that was when Nuuausala came to his attention, as “not many players go up against Micky, and don’t back down.”

The coach joked the atmosphere between the pair was “awkward” when Nuuausala turned up for his first day of training yesterday.

And the player himself says he is looking forward to playing alongside the sidelined hooker.

The 29-year-old said: “I saw him in the breakfast room, he had a little smirk, I started smiling and we just had a chat and a laugh.

“He’s probably like an assassin, he’s probably a murderer really, so I want to be on his good side!

“He’s a good bloke, he’s a good character and I like the way he plays.

“He’s a tough, tough person and hopefully I get to play with him this year - I hope him a speedy recovery from his injury.”

Nuuausala - nicknamed the ‘Wrecking Ball’ - has arrived at Wigan on a three-and-a-half year deal and could make his debut against Leeds on Friday.

He said he wants to play but will not put his hand up if he is not fit and ready, as he does not want to “disrespect” the iconic shirt.

The Kiwi international has not played since April after falling out of favour at Canberra.

As he tried to shake off his jetlag yesterday he said his first impressions of Wigan was it resembling Coronation Street!