O’Loughlin’s 400 milestone: What they said

Pat Richards has paid tribute to his close mate, Sean O'Loughlin
Pat Richards has paid tribute to his close mate, Sean O'Loughlin

Players and coaches, past and present, have paid tribute to Sean O’Loughlin ahead of his 400th Wigan appearance.

Here are a selection of tributes from some of those who have known him best from over the years...

Frank-Paul Nuuausala says O'Loughlin would have "killed it in the NRL"

Frank-Paul Nuuausala says O'Loughlin would have "killed it in the NRL"

Shaun Wane: “I’n not old enough to have seen the legends of the 50s and 60s, but I played with Shaun Edwards and Ellery Hanley, and Sean is right up there as one of this club’s greatest-ever players.”

Frank-Paul Nuuausala: “Some people, especially the younger guys, don’t appreciate greatness but he’s a walking, living legend. He would have absolutely killed it in the NRL.”

Pat Richards: “It’s another massive milestone for him. He’s been the cornerstone to success for Wigan over the past decade and deserves everything that comes his way. I know there is more to come from him.”

Ryan Hoffman: “He’s one of the top 10 players in the world.... he is the most under-rated player in world rugby league. He can do everything.”

Denis Betts: “There’s nobody in the game who can do what he can do. He can hit, he can play like a half, and he has so much influence on a game.”

Wayne Bennett: “I love the way he plays. He’s calm and is a good pro. He’s my type of player - no fuss to coach and there’s no drama queen in him.”

Adrian Lam: “What always impressed me was his temperament, even as a teenager. I saw it in Darren Lockyer and I saw it in Sean, and I can’t think of any player since who’s come through with the same quality in such abundance.”

Adrian Morley: “I know fans rate him as a top-class player. But go and ask any player... they rate him even higher.”

First coach Stuart Raper: “He caught my eye with his calmness and leadership qualities. When I went to Wigan I saw first-hand Sean’s immense talent and determination to succeed.”

Ex-St Helens coach Nathan Brown (after 2014 defeat): “We were schooled by Sean O’Loughlin. He was world-class.”

Paul Sculthorpe: “Sean’s stats are always good... but what they don’t show you is how hard he hits.”

Jarryd Hayne: “Would of been good to see him in the NRL – doozie player.”

Sam Tomkins: “Lockers is hard to replicate because you never get someone as big as him who can smash the biggest opponent, and throw the best long-ball, and chip a kick to the corner so accurately - he’s not a traditional loose-forward. He’s too skilful to be called that.”

Wolves coach Tony Smith: “For me he has a bigger influence in any team, of any player over the last few years. He’s a super player.”

Cameron Phelps: “Sean O’Loughlin was probably the best player I played alongside in my time in England. He made a massive difference. He’s the guy you want to play alongside, Mr.Consistency – he’s the ultimate professional.”

Trent Barrett: “His toughness, skill, mobility and ability make him a valuable player. But it his demeanour off the field which is his best quality.”