Powerful Prescott raring to go

Paul Prescott
Paul Prescott

PAUL Prescott has revealed how he surrendered an off-season break to give himself the best possible chance of making a splash next season.

The 26-year-old missed the end of last season with a knee problem which required surgery.

It capped a miserable campaign which saw him figure just 11 times for the Warriors due to various injuries and setbacks.

Now, the academy-product is deep into his third week of the club’s pre-season training programme.

And he is already feeling the benefits of working throughout the autumn while many of his team-mates jetted out for warmer climes.

He said: “The way it worked was I basically had a 12 week injury, and I did it six weeks before our season finished. So to be on course for the start of pre-season, I had to carry on with my rehab and prehab once our season finished.

“It’s only a small sacrifice in the grand scheme of things, but I decided to train right through and do all my pre-hab, to give myself the best opportuntiy to come in fit.

“I wanted to come back with a clean slate – if I’d finished and had three weeks off, I’d have come back and started three weeks behind the rest of the lads and I didn’t want that.

“I had a weekend in Belgium, I went watching Joel (Tomkins) in the Heineken Cup, but apart from that I’ve not really stopped.

“And I’m glad, because I’m feeling really good.”

Prescott’s bad-luck with injuries saw him lose the No.8 shirt to Epalahame Lauaki for 2013, and he is hoping for a change of fortune next season.

“Last season was a disappointing one for me personally with injuries,” he said.

“I had a run where I played for a few weeks, got injured, played again, got injured ... it was frustrating.

“But at the same time, because I only played 11 games, I feel fresh and ready to go.

“I’ve worked hard on getting my injuries right I’m feeling in good shape.”