Super League change is for the better, but it’s only a start says Wigan Warriors forward Liam Farrell

Liam Farrell
Liam Farrell

Liam Farrell has welcomed some of the changes made to Super League for next season, but still feels more should be done to improve the quality of the competition.

A shot clock and reduction to the number of substitutions in Super League matches are two of the changes the Wigan Warriors forward believes will change the game for the better, but Farrell believes there are too many games.

Wigan’s first game of the season against St Helens on January 31 comes 12 weeks after England’s last Test against New Zealand, and Farrell thinks this has eaten into preparation time for the international players.

“I don’t know if it’s something the players and the players’ union need to look at but we play enough games as it is,” he said.

“Some of these international lads have only just finished in the middle of November and we’re going to be playing again in January. It’s no time at all.

“I think it needs to be looked at and whether we take the number of games down, or take something out. I think someone needs to come up with something.”

Farrell also revealed the Warriors players have tailored their pre-season preparation to help them adjust to the changes which were formally announced this week.

“I like the idea of the stop clock, that’s going to speed the game up massively. Eight interchanges will be a big one and test a lot of teams,” he said.

“We’ve done a lot of running this year and I’m sure a lot of other teams have because I’m sure that could catch teams off guard this year.

“We’re probably classed as not a small team but of of the smaller teams in the comp, I think it could play to our advantage that there’ll be less interchanges and the fact they have quickened up the drop-out and penalties and stuff.

“I’m really excited about what those changes would bring.”

Having missed-out on England’s Test series win last season, Farrell is also hoping to break back into the international fold as GB make a return since being shelved in 2007.

“It is 100 per cent a goal but this year with having a new coach and new structures in place it’s about trying to get in with that and make sure I get up to speed. I want to get my form for Wigan right,” he said.

“If I can get a full season in we’ll see what it brings.”