The Liam Farrell Column: It’s do or die for us

Liam Farrell
Liam Farrell

TOMORROW’S game is for two league points, but we’re treating it like a play-off.

Like a Challenge Cup match.

In our eyes, it’s must-win.

You only have to look at how tight the league table is to see how important it is that we get the win.

We’ve got four rounds left before the Super 8s and, after this game against Warrington, we play Leeds the following week.

If we can win these next two it puts us in great shape, and we get a chance to go top of the league.

For all their style out wide, I think the key area is the middle

Liam Farrell

Obviously, the league leaders’ shield is given to the team top of the pile after 30 rounds.

But we had a meeting last week and the lads were all reminded how the Super 8s work, and how the team which is top after round 23 gets to play more of the stronger teams at home.

Yes, we know we will be relying on St Helens – a point above us in second – to drop a game in the next four games.

But if that happens, we need to be ready to strike and that’s why we’re treating this as a cup game – it’s do or die for us.

Warrington have had a bit of an inconsistent season, by their own standards, but I’d never underestimate them.

They’re a classy team when they play, they like to throw the ball around and – in these hot, dry conditions – they can be really dangerous.

For all their style out wide, I think the key area is the middle.

I’ve played alongside Chris Hill and Daryl Clark for England and know how good they are, while Ashton Sims is a very good front-rower.

It’s probably taken Daryl a while to settle in, but he’s one player who will really benefit from the fast track.

We’ll need to be strong in the middle if we’re going to dominate them.

I watched Warrington’s Challenge Cup game against Leigh – it was an entertaining match, and Warrington took control in the second half.

Kevin Penny has had a few people talking about his second try, when he dived over the touchline and managed to ground the ball before hitting the deck, and rightly so – that was quite a fantastic effort.

Their other winger, Gene Ormsby, did something similar against Salford the other week, and it shows we can’t give them an inch against us.

But we’ll go the HJ in good shape.

Last week was pretty intense, we took an early weekend to rest up and then started back training on Sunday.

Warrington, by contrast, have obviously had to back up from the Leigh game – hopefully we can use that to our advantage, and it’s a positive for us.

Because they’re in the semi-finals of the cup and we’re not.

I’d much rather be in their shoes.