Tomkins aiming to shackle Rangi Chase

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SAM Tomkins reckons the outcome of Sunday’s Super League encounter at Castleford may hinge on whether they put the shackles on slippery No.6 Rangi Chase.

The Tigers stand-off beat Tomkins to the Man of Steel prize last year after a stellar campaign for the Yorkshire battlers.

And Tomkins said: “Rangi is the heartbeat of their team.

“If we do a job on him we’ll be someway towards winning the game.

“When Cas played well last year, it was often on the back of Rangi playing well, and I’m sure Basil (Ian Millward) being there won’t have changed that.” Tomkins was team-mates with Chase in last year’s Four Nations after the Kiwi qualified for England on residency rules.

“He’s a nice bloke and we speak regularly,” said Tomkins. “When he came to England there were questions – it was a bit different having someone called Rangi Chase in an England shirt and speaking with a Kiwi accent!

“But he was open with the lads and explained his reasoning, and that he wanted to play well and he did a good job for us.

“A player of his skill, Steve McNamara would be daft to overlook him if he qualified.”