Wane: Becoming a grandad has made me hungrier to succeed

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SHAUN Wane says becoming a grandad has driven him to achieve more success – as he wants to leave a “legacy” for little Teddy.

Wane – who has two daughters, Bethan and Megan, with wife Lorraine – has often credited “my girls” for his coaching success.

And now there is a new addition to the family, he says it has injected a fresh shot of enthusiasm into his rugby league ambitions.

“Being a granddad has definitely changed me – a lot,” said Wane, who had 11-month-old Teddy – Bethan’s son – on the pitch after the semi-final win against Huddersfield.

“He’s the apple of my eye. He’s special, and having him on the field last week was the best feeling ever.

“I’m a very motivated person anyway – my nickname is ‘relentless’ because once I get an idea, I won’t be put off track. But Teddy’s changed my attitude a bit. He’s made me more focused.

I’m even more ‘non-negotiable’ now. I want to get everything I can out of life

“He’s made me... it’s hard to put into words, but he’s made me want it more. And I didn’t think that wound be possible, but he has.

“I’m even more ‘non negotiable’ now. I want to get everything I can out of life.

“I got it when Bethan and Megan were born, it gave me a massive reason to do things.

“I wanted them to be proud of their dad, I wanted to give them some sort of legacy. And it’s the same with Teddy now.

Shaun Wane with grandson Teddy on the DW pitch last week

Shaun Wane with grandson Teddy on the DW pitch last week

“I’m lucky, their still at home for now, and I love having him around. I’m obsessed with him!

“He’s mellowed me a bit - when I get some down-time, I love nothing more than playing with him.”

The Wigan squad travelled from their Orrell training base to Manchester yesterday.

A sell-out Old Trafford crowd and a worldwide TV audience will watch tonight’s Grand Final, and Wane can not wait.

“Everyone is pumped, everyone is ready,” he said.

“We’ve got the two best teams in Super League this year, they’ve got great players, we’ve got great players, it’s got all the makings of an exciting match.

“This is why we do it, for chances like this.”