Wane fumes at Saints boss Brown

Shaun Wane
Shaun Wane
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A WAR of words erupted between Shaun Wane and Nathan Brown following St Helens’ 16-12 victory at Wigan.

Brown prompted the controversy when he let rip at Wane in the post-match press conference, accusing him of influencing Phil Bentham with his remarks about officials over the past few weeks.

“Bentham had an absolute shocking performance,” said Brown. “Waney’s been whinging for the last two months, and then we cop it up the backside today. We never ring Jon Sharp (the referee’s boss), we don’t complain after any game, and then we get a performance like that because other coaches are putting the referees under pressure.”

The outburst left Wane visibly shocked.

And he vented his frustrations immediately afterwards, challenging the game’s governing body to cite Brown after letting him escape punishment for labelling Ben Flower a ‘head-hunter’ earlier this year.

“Absolute disgrace,” Wane said. “Absolute garbage, that’s all I want to say. Absolute garbage… Nathan Brown shouldn’t be allowed to say stuff like that.

“He came out with garbage before we went to Sydney about head hunters, and he got away with that.

“It’s just disgraceful that he comes out with things like that. It shouldn’t be allowed. I’m fuming, to be honest.”

The war of words will only serve to intensify the rivalry between the two heavyweights should they meet in the play-offs.