Wane looking for new leaders to emerge

Wigan coach Shaun Wane
Wigan coach Shaun Wane

SHAUN Wane is hoping new leaders emerge from Wigan’s camp with The Army.

The Warriors boss was today due to take his squad to a base in north Yorkshire for a “full on” three days of intense training.

They’ll be under the pump from the moment they get there to the moment they leave

Shaun Wane

Wane and his staff will observe the players as they are put through their paces, both physically and mentally, as part of their preparations for the 2016 campaign.

“It is really, really tough and I’ve been through the schedule in fine detail,” said Wane.

“They’ll be under the pump from the moment they get there to the moment they leave.

“There will be different types of challenges, sleep deprivation, doing skills when they’re fatigued... it’s going to be full on.

“It’s tough, it’s mentally challenging, and we’re trying to inspire players to be leaders.”

Wane opted for the Army training instead of their usual warm-weather camp in Florida, which he brought in when he became coach four years ago.

His England contingent are missing the pre-Christmas trip, meaning members of last year’s leadership team - Sean O’Loughlin, Matty Smith, Liam Farrell - as well as new addition Sam Tomkins, who is injured, will be missing.

“Which is a great opportunity for others to step up,” said Wane.

“People like Josh (Charnley), he’s been here a long time and I want him to be a leader.

“I want more people to take on responsibility, so when it comes to the last few minutes of a Grand Final, it’s about all the players putting themselves into a position to win at the end - like Leeds did against Huddersfield (to secure the league leaders’ shield).”

Wane has taken players on military-style training camps before, and expects to learn a lot about his players.

“I’m going to observe and see how they respond,” he added.

“Different players have different ways of reacting to it - but it tells me a lot about players.”