Wane: My job to make sure we’re in World Club

Joe Burgess touches down in the 2015 World Club Series
Joe Burgess touches down in the 2015 World Club Series

SHAUN Wane has given the thumbs up to the return of the World Club Series and wants to make sure his Warriors are there to have another go at NRL opposition.

Wigan were one of three Super League clubs to face opposition from Down Under in February’s inaugural series, with Warriors losing 14-12 to current NRL leaders Brisbane after extra time.

If you look after the small things, the big things will happen

Shaun Wane

And with the series penned back into the calendar for 2016, Wane hopes consistency from his players will result in Warriors booking their place in the showpiece event – the World Club Challenge.

“I’m very happy with the way it is and the way the RFL decided who comes in to play in it,” said Wane.

“It’s my job to make sure we are one of those teams playing in it – those are the competitions I want to play in.”

The Super League Champions, League Leaders’ Shield winners and Challenge Cup winners will qualify for the series, each playing a match against an NRL club, with the champions of each competition meeting in the World Club Challenge.

If a club wins two trophies, the Grand Final runners-up will be the third Super League participant and if a club completes the treble, the RFL will choose a club.

While Wane acknowledges other clubs will ensure the path to a place in the Series will not be smooth, he is confident Wigan will find a way through by being consistent in the Super 8s and play-offs.

“I want to get to Old Trafford. I want to try to win the League Leaders’ but so do other coaches,” he said.

“It’s a competitive competition and we need to make sure we’re at our best.”

But Wane also hopes his players won’t need the carrot of a place in the World Club Series to motivate them to Super League success.

Warriors have faced NRL opposition in the last two seasons and are on course for a third straight Grand Final appearance.

But Wane doesn’t want any of his troops needing extra motivation to produce their


“I’m hoping just the chance to show off their best is enough,” he said.

“A knock-on effect of that will be getting to Old Trafford. A knock-on effect of that will be entering the World Club challenge.

“If you look after the small things, the big things will happen.”