Wane not buying into crisis talk

Shaun Wane
Shaun Wane

SHAUN Wane is not falling into the trap of believing Huddersfield will be under-done on Friday night.

Giants coach Paul Anderson described his injury-crises as the worst in his time at the club.

Danny Brough, Craig Huby and Scott Grix are missing and their absences were compounded by the retirement of Luke Robinson yesterday.

But Wane is refusing to let his guard down, and says the number of absentees to key players is comparable to Wigan’s current position. He said: “They’ve got a couple of key players out and so have we so there’s no change, in my view.

“They’ve lost Grix and we’ve lost Sam (Tomkins). We’ve got Joel out, Dom Crosby, they’ve got Huby out.

“There’s not that much difference in the two teams’ (number of absences).

“We’ve got some big players out at the moment and once we get them back we’ll be better. Huddersfield are a very strong team.

“Ukuma Ta’ai is playing well, I rate Jermaine McGillvary very highly... they’ve got some very good players in their team.”

He was quick to praise Robinson, the ex-Warriors halfback who he coached as a junior.

“He’s an exceptional fella, an absolute talent,” said Wane.

“I love the way he played. I was pretty gutted when he left Wigan because he’s a real competitor, a lovely man and great sense of humour.

“He can hold his head up high having retired, he’s had a great career and the best praise I can give him is all his fellow professionals rate him very highly.

“He always tried hard and trained really well. He always troubled us at Huddersfield because you didn’t know what he was going to do - he’s a bit like Rob Burrow in that sense.

“The game is worse off for not having him playing.”