Wane’s call to the RFL

Shaun Wane has called on the RFL to look at the rules over shoulder charges
Shaun Wane has called on the RFL to look at the rules over shoulder charges
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SHAUN Wane is seeking urgent instruction from the RFL over whether shoulder charges will be outlawed in Super League next season.

The Australian Rugby League Commission has accepted a recommendation to make the tackle technique illegal from 2013, after reviewing a detailed report which suggested the increased size of athletes has the potential for injury.

And in a press release, the ARL said contact had already been made with England’s RFL with a view to extending the move to all levels of the game – including the Test stage.

The RFL has not responded, but Wane says he will be making his own enquiries.

He said: “I’m going to contact them for assurances about what they are going to do.

“If they’re going to change the rules when we’re already into pre-season, then the sooner we know the better because we’re already working on tackle technique.

“If it happens, it’s the same for everyone and we’ll just have to deal with it – but I want to know which it will be, one way or the other.”

The RFL’s next laws committee meeting is in December, and any decision is unlikely before then.

Scrapping the shoulder charge has been widely criticised on both sides of the world.

And Wane would not only like it to stay, he believes a ban will be difficult for referees to police.

“If you make good contact but don’t wrap your arms around, will that be deemed a shoulder charge?” he said. “My own opinion is it’s part of the game, it seems quite harsh to ban it.”

The NRL said the move will reduce the “potential risk of serious injury” but it triggered a backlash on Twitter.

Ex-Warrior Ryan Hoffman, now at Melbourne, said: “Banning the shoulder charge is going to result in some boring highlights packages. We run in to people for a living.”