Wane’s change to leadership team

Senior player Sam Tomkins will be called on for his opinion
Senior player Sam Tomkins will be called on for his opinion

SHAUN Wane has changed tact with the leadership of his Warriors side this year.

He has disbanded the formal ‘leadership team’ which has been in place since Michael Maguire arrived in 2010.

England skipper Sean O’Loughlin will continue as captain, but there won’t be a recognised senior group of four or five players in support.

Instead, Wane wants a more even spread of players taking responsibility for their roles.

“We’re going a different way this year,” said Wane.

“It’s much more of a spread, it’s everybody’s job whether you’ve got 16 or 26 or 36 on your back.

“You have a job to do and I’ll put them under pressure to do that.

“I still have Lockers and some prominent figures in the squad like Joel and Sam (Tomkins) and Micky McIlorum, so there are senior players there who I’ll speak to and who’ll be leaders for us.

“But it’s just not as cut and dried as before. It’s the right thing to do.”

It’s part of a shift in the off-season – and in wake of their Grand Final loss to Leeds – to empower players to take on more responsibility.

Wigan travel to Salford this Sunday in their second and final senior friendly before the new season starts.