Wane’s prepared to protect Warrior Tomkins

Wigan and Exiles' Player Sam Tomkins
Wigan and Exiles' Player Sam Tomkins
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SHAUN Wane is preparing to fight fire with fire to warn off roughhouse tactics on Sam Tomkins.

And he will instruct his players to take matters into their own hands after being left disappointed by a string of recent challenges against the No.1 which have gone unpunished by officials.

Wane said: “If the RFL don’t want to protect Sam, I’ll look at protecting him from within.

“I’ve got some aggressive players here and if we need to do that, we’ll do it.

“I don’t mind it being rough and tumble.

“I’ve got some tough people here and if that’s the way it is, it’s a level playing field, and that’s the way we’ll go and we’ll protect him.”

Most recently, Setaimata Sa was placed on report for a strong tackle on Tomkins but escaped punishment – much to the amazement of Wane – while he has identified a trend of questionable challenges as opponents try to blunt the 23-year-old’s lethal attacking edge.

Wane said: “I thought he got unfairly treated at Catalan, not only the Sa one – no way was that not more serious – but other incidents which I’ve questioned the RFL about.

“But they don’t seem to have a problem with them, and that disappoints me, the fact he’s not getting the protection he deserves.

“We’ll do the right thing by Sam.”

Wane insists Tomkins – in scorching form this year – has been left unfazed by the special attention.

“It doesn’t bother Sam. It’s more me,” added Wane. “There are things I don’t think he needs to put up with. Some are definite penalties, some more serious, and I’m not having it.

“It will not bother Sam at all but I look at him like a son.

“If someone hits him I feel like they’re hitting one of my kids.”

Meanwhile, Wane yesterday confirmed the Evening Post’s revelation earlier this week that the Warriors had no interest in Man of Steel Rangi Chase.

Speculation had been widespread elsewhere that the Castleford star could move to the DW Stadium in a £250,000-plus transfer to replace NRL-bound Brett Finch, but Wane said: “I don’t know where that came from. He’s a good player... but we’ve not looked into it or contacted anyone, so I don’t know where that’s come from.”