Wane tunes-up Warriors’ attack

Shaun Wane
Shaun Wane

SHAUN Wane hopes Wigan are better at ad-lib plays in 2016 after “hammering” their skill drills in training.

The coach was happy with their attacking style last season and says any changes will be minor.

We want it so we don’t need to send a message on, they deal with it themselves and make decisions themselves

Shaun Wane

But he hopes their work now will pay off and make them better when the time is right for his players to try off the cuff moves.

“That’s the idea, so they lead on their own and come up with decisions on their own, without being led by coaches,” Wane said.

“We want it so we don’t need to send a message on, they deal with it themselves and make decisions themselves.”

Wane is taking his players away for a three-day army camp next week after shelving the pre-season training camp in Florida which has taken place each year since 2011.

His six England internationals return for training on January 2, a fortnight before Wigan’s first pre-season friendly against Lehigh on January 17.

“We’ll only have two weeks as a full team before our first friendly, so we just need to cram as much as possible,” he said.

“The attitude has been superb. I’m really happy where we’re at.”

Ahead of the new season, Wane has admitted he has glanced at rivals’ recruitment and preparation, with Willie Isa and SamTomkins acting as his only new additions for 2016.

But with Greg Burke returning from a loan spell at Hull KR, plus Lee Mossop and Joel Tomkins enjoying the benefit of rare full pre-seasons, Wane’s main concern is how his own side is shaping-up.

“I look at it, I don’t get obsessed with it,” he said on other side’s preparations.

“My focus on our preparations and what we do.

“I know we’re in a good place, I know the players are focussed to make sure we start really well.

“Players like Moose

(Mossop) and Joel (Tomkins) will be better for a full pre-season.”

There is just seven weeks to go until Super League XXI kicks off.

And with every team deep into pre-season working hard, Wane concedes a big emphasis on finding small advantages

“We have private things we do which I know other Super League clubs don’t do,” he explained.

“I want them having the feeling that we’re better prepared than everyone else. We do things differently. But we keep things private.“