Wane won’t rest til it’s perfect

Shaun Wane
Shaun Wane
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SHAUN Wane believes ‘the perfect game’ is within reach of his Wigan Warriors if they can continue their early-season improvement.

The Warriors opened their campaign with a disappointing home defeat at the hands of Huddersfield, but have responded in style by seeing off the challenges of Leeds and Bradford in the space of eight days.

Wane’s men were virtually impeccable in both victories, restricting the new world champions to just six points last week before putting half a century on the Bulls in front of their own spectators on Sunday.

But the Wigan coach insists neither he nor his players will be patting themselves on the back until every little flaw has been identified and eliminated.

“Overall I am happy, although I was a little disappointed with a few of the errors and the penalties we gave away at Bradford,” Wane (left) said.

“All of the players understand that’s not acceptable, and they are all onside as I’d expect them to be.

“The main positive was the way we finished the game so well.

“Too often in the past few years we’ve dipped in the second half when we’ve been up at half-time.

“But in the last two weeks our completion rate in the second half has been 90 per cent, which shows the team is going to be more ruthless – which is what I wanted.”

Wane, though, insists he won’t be completely satisfied until his team is totally error-proof.

“We will get there to 100 per cent – I know we will,” he added.

“In my heart, I believe we can do it – and not just for a one-off game, but for continuous games.

“The players themselves are striving for perfection, and we had a really tough video session yesterday because they don’t want to be giving teams chances.

“That shows they want it as well, which is great.”

A feature of the win at Bradford was the high quality of Wigan’s tries, some of the handling a joy to see.

As Wane was quick to point out, that didn’t happen by accident.

“That’s why we’ve done so much skills work this year,” he revealed.

“I can’t tell you how much skills work we did in Florida, because I believe if you practice enough on your skill level under pressure, in games those risky passes don’t become risky any more. They’re just normal plays.”