Warriors are Top Guns!

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LEE Mossop reckons the Wigan squad is as tight as ever – thanks to the Royal Marines.

The Warriors spent three days training with the elite 45 Commandos in snowy Scotland last week.

Coach Michael Maguire opted for the military-style experience – instead of a warm-weather camp – following a similar stint with the Army last year.

The players were put through a range of activities at the base at Arbroath, including fitness drills, marching with full kit, abseiling and mock weapon warfare.

And back-rower Mossop revealed: “It was enjoyable but it was horrible at the same time!

“We got a lot out of the Army camp last year and I think we’ve got even more out of this. The Army camp was just flogging after flogging but with this, we got to do some of the things that they do, which was really good.

“The first night, they kept attacking us and we were on guard, looking through night vision goggles. We had to be alert so we couldn’t sleep at all.

“Then on the final day, we did a 10-mile hike carrying logs and machine guns. We got to a frozen lake and we had to break the ice with the logs, wade through it and then carry lads up the banks at the other end, so it was really hard work.

“But it was good team-building work because those kinds of things are twice as hard if you don’t talk, and so everyone ends up speaking to one another and getting to know each other well. It really helped us gel as a team.”