Warriors pioneering training aid

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WARRIORS are giving players pure oxygen to breathe life into their Super League title defence!

The champions have become the first Super League club to link-up with Oxyfit, which helps them tackle their punishing training regime.

The new sports technology product accelerates recovery during and after exercise, allowing athletes to train harder and for longer.

It is used by super-endurance athletes and Wigan hope it will give them the edge over their rivals as they aim to climb top of the ladder this week.

Prop Stuart Fielden has been using it as he recovers from a knee injury.

He said: “Fast recovery from oxygen debt is vital in sport so it makes sense to use Oxyfit.

“I feel very positive about trying it. If it allows me to recover more quickly, then play harder, I’m all for it.”

Mark Bitcon, Head of Sports Science at the club, says he is excited by its potential. He said: “We heard about the benefits other athletes say they experience using Oxyfit, such as in triathlon and ultra endurance, so we were keen to try it ourselves.

“We are still at the early stages, but we’re already seeing some promising results over the first few weeks with enhanced maximum power outputs during intensive training.”

Bitcon is now preparing to conduct studies to assess how best to use Oxyfit in the club, and plans to roll it out for wider use if it “gives us an edge.”