Wigan walk out of Super League meeting

Warriors owner and chairman - Ian Lenagan
Warriors owner and chairman - Ian Lenagan

WIGAN Warriors were one of six Super League clubs who forced talks about the competition’s future to be delayed.

A meeting of Super League (Europe) to discuss a proposed restructuring of the competition was today suspended without resolution after the clubs absented themselves from proceedings.

Officials from Catalan Dragons, Huddersfield Giants, Hull FC, Hull Kingston Rovers, Warrington Wolves and Wigan Warriors walked out of the meeting, meaning no vote could be taken.

Eight clubs had indicated their support for proposals to reduce the number of clubs in Super League from 14 to 12 from the 2015 season, according to a statement by the RFL.

Just two days after watching Wigan win the Grand Final, chairman Ian Lenagan led a revolt against the RFL’s plans, forcing an Extraordinary General Meeting to be delayed until after the World Cup.

The rebellion is effectively a vote of no confidence in the current administration. The Super League has had no money from title sponsorship for the past two seasons.

The six clubs blocked a decision on the format of Super League from 2015 on the basis that any debate on change should only take place alongside a review of the competition’s commercial management and governance.

Super League chairman Brian Barwick hit out at them for their “unsatisfactory” actions.

He said: “It is very disappointing that we were unable to take a vote on such important issues because some clubs chose to leave the room and refuse to participate further.

“In many ways this form of action is unprecedented. These proposals would have had a positive impact on the whole sport but they were halted by a minority of clubs.

“Clearly some of the clubs have deep-rooted issues and between us we have to find a way of resolving our differences for the benefit of both Super League and the wider game.

“It is my view that this was a very unsatisfactory way for the six clubs to demonstrate their frustration.”