Wigan Warriors 10 St Helens 36: Social media reaction

Here is a selection of fans’ reaction to Wigan Warriors’ Good Friday defeat against St Helens.

Friday, 19th April 2019, 8:09 pm
Updated Friday, 19th April 2019, 9:14 pm
George Williams makes a break

@MandyAdden: “Our pack is pathetic and unfit, Lockers is on his last legs and our discipline is shocking. Result was never in doubt.”

@Hobbsy23: “Points where we just lose complete concentration in defence. Saints very good. I am now obsessed with how late Luke Thompson arrives at other people’s tackles, never gets pinged it’s amazing!”

@M1C80: “The club needs new direction both on and off the field.”

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@mikeym366: “It’s embarrassing this season from Wigan no heart at all!! And every decent player we have we let them leave for the nrl.”

@jamieclarke: “Another pathetic performance. Where has all the money we received from star players gone? Constant milking of the academy cash cow has finally caught up. I expected this to happen after the exodus of 2013.”

@mrboontweets: “Nowhere near good enough today boys. Too many unforced errors from experienced personnel. Who is putting their hand up when we need it?

A lot of questions to be asked.”

Karen Picton: “Unfair to criticise too much, Saints head and shoulders better than us... but they should be with a full team against a depleted wigan side!!!

I’m just wondering if we’ve got the players to field on Monday with another two players injured... how can one team be so unlucky with injuries ?”

David Dutton: “Unlucky with injuries, perhaps some players on the bench who shouldn't have been, silly penalties and an on form Saints. Hard to criticise when half your team is crocked.”

Gillian Barnes: “Sorry but after today Leneghan Radlinski and Lam all need to go we can’t replace super league players with championship players and expect good performances - saying that though thought there was actually no commitment out there today from any Wigan players they need to have a good look at themselves before the next game on Monday.”

Sarah Wilding: “Where has our passion gone! Lads plodding back like it’s a game on the park! Andy Farrell used to be purple behind those sticks laying into the players. Today was painful to watch. No leader, disorganised, school boy errors and no passion.”