Wigan Warriors 18 London Broncos 8: Social media reaction

Here is a selection of fans’ reaction on social media to Wigan Warriors’ 18-8 victory over London Broncos last night...

Friday, 3rd May 2019, 11:40 am
Updated Friday, 3rd May 2019, 11:51 am
Chris Hankinson celebrates his try

@BigAsh24: “A win is a win but when one of the opposition players gets Man Of The Match it says how poor we were tbh. Definitely need to up our game.....a hell of a lot!”

@Brismark44: “Unconvincing - too many unforced errors and total lack of imagination going forward ⚪️⚪️.”

@nostalgicfootball: “If anything the game demonstrated how far the club have gone backwards this season. Poor game plan and execution, rugby union style trundling up the middle on the road to nowhere and too many average players hogging the cap. Lots of off field work needed.”

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@paulfinchauthor: “Pedestrian is the word. In a game like that, which, on paper should have given Wigan a chance to chalk up some points, we should never seen such a marked lack of enthusiasm. Thought we were lucky to win, though London were lucky too to have that try allowed. Zak didn't last week.”

@siwiganloyal187: “Who cares ? 3 wins ,longest we've gone all season , let's just take each game as it comes and who knows come end of the season.”

Gordon Hamill: “A win that was much needed again. Three on the bounce and the table looks slot better now still room for improvement but the lads can hold there heads up.”

Karen Picton: “Not a great performance, we offered very little going forward. But on the positive 3 wins on the bounce and another two points. Much improvement needed for next week or else I fear a hammering.”

Tony Boylan: “The score after 80 mins says it all. And they should be holding there heads high. It was scrappy in patches but the job got done. Keep focusing team Wigan and more reward points will come.. Well done lads..”

Amanda Towell: “Hate to say it but the better team lost! Need some energy, passion and ideas for the next game-not sure what’s going on at Wigan at the moment, still worrying times, but still get my support.”

Nina Winters: “A win is always good and we need it, but...it would be great to have a win you could look back on and go...."damn that was a good game".