Wigan Warriors 22 Hull FC 23: Social media reaction

Oliver Gildart gave Wigan hope with a late try
Oliver Gildart gave Wigan hope with a late try

Some of the reaction on social media following Wigan's golden-point loss to Hull FC...

Karen Picton: “Poor performance, should be winning at home. Defence none existent and our own worst enemy giving penalties away ....again.”

@wiganr1982: “Very disappointing. Very poor defence, and this ‘attacking flair’ we were promised is nowhere to be seen.”

@All_The_Pies: “We knew how to defend last year. Why can't we remember now? #WiganWarriors.”

@mully1970: “this is worse than having teeth pulled, clueless attack, poor attack, n if I was Escare I’d ask to get out, he should b in 17 every week it’s a joke he’s not getting a look in , thought we were meant to attack better this year?”

@UtdRobbo: “Tautai and Isa shouldn’t play again. Get Leulaui on the bench.Never play that stupid “2 hooker” formation again. Pathetic lack of effort and off-ball movement from our forwards bar Bullock, Hamlin and Flower. Only George Williams actually tried for 80 minutes.”

@dave_dlr: “Not a positive in that performance. 4 half’s on the pitch and no creativity. Forwards providing no support. Defence doesn’t exists. Sad times at the club. No one interested.”

@absolute_callum: “These men haven’t had a win in 240 days and they’ve won at our “fortress that teams are supposed to fear coming to” games like this should be won. Where’s escare? Lams not lived up to this new style of play has he. Shame really was sort of looking forward to a fun to watch


@SRWood1989: “What a joke, so much for the ;Fortress; Lam was talking about, turned over by a team that hasn't won in 6 months.”