Williams fears axe for final Test

George Williams
George Williams

GEORGE Williams fears he may be axed for the deciding Test against New Zealand this Saturday.

The Super League Young Player of the Year candidly admitted he was disappointed with his own display as England we nt down 9-2 at London’s Olympic Stadium on Saturday.

It was one of the worst games I’ve had in a long time. But I’m young and I can only learn from it

George Williams

Williams was certainly not alone in failing to produce his best form, yet he took to Twitter minutes after the full-time whistle to describe his performance as one of the worst “in a very long time”.

Elaborating on his disappointment, he said: “It’s a horrible feeling, to be on the biggest stage and know I haven’t performed.

“It’s disappointing, and it’s something I’ll learn from personally.

“It was one of the worst games I’ve had in a long time. But I’m young and I can only learn from it.

“I can’t get too down, and I need to try and have a look back at where I went wrong.

“It didn’t happen for me. I tried but it just wasn’t my day.

“Things didn’t come off, and my passes were a bit off.

“It’s a shame but I’ve got to figure out where and why I went wrong. But that’s international rugby. I have to perform week-in-week-out.”

Williams, 21, also started in the No.7 shirt in the Test wins against France and the Kiwis in game one.

With the third and final Test at his home ground this Saturday – and with so much at stake – he is hoping he retains the role.

Halfbacks Matty Smith (inset), his Wigan team-mate, and Castleford’s Luke Gale have been unused members of the England squad.

“Steve (McNamara) hasn’t said anything to me yet, but you know personally when you’re not on your game,” added Williams.

“It’s a dream come true to play for England and I’d love to play at Wigan, where I used to watch games like this as a


“I’ve not put myself in good stead for next week, but hopefully Steve will give me the nod.

“In international rugby there are so many good players and when you have a bad game - like I did - there’s a good chance that I’m not going to play next week.

“I can only learn from that, but it’s something I’m bitterly disappointed with.”