Shaun Edwards-Wigan Warriors saga: How journalists and broadcasters reacted to Ian Lenagan's statement

Ian Lenagan tonight issued a statement to explain Wigan's stance on the Shaun Edwards saga - and these reporters gave their view on Twitter...

Friday, 22nd March 2019, 8:03 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd March 2019, 9:38 pm
Shaun Edwards

@Rod_Studd: "You can’t blame Wigan for this fiasco. If Mr Edwards had an issue with last August’s verbal agreement to become Wigan’s head coach from 2020 why didn’t he simply talk to Mr Lenagan about the problem instead of revealing his side of the story to a journalist?"

@PaulBennettLW: "It certainly doesn’t reflect well on him, I agree, but we can only speculate as to his reasons right now. Difficult to know if his head has simply been turned, or if he’s had reason to be disgruntled with Wigan."

@MarkWilsonRadio: "Wigan have basically said “we will be here waiting if you don’t get a better offer” and Edwards is clearly seeking a better offer. It’s been a shambles from Wigan. No other word for it."

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@PWilkinsonWIG: "A sad, over-looked bit to all this Shaun Edwards saga? Adrian Lam and the players are trying to save Wigan's 2019 - the uncertainly over 2020 can't help."

@AaronBower: "I’m afraid this is all getting pretty ridiculous now. It’s making Wigan look daft, it’s making Super League look small-time. All at a time when the competition is trying to position itself in a strong position for a TV deal at the end of 2021."

@PkendrickWIG: "Why on earth does he have to go on holiday to ‘think’ about a deal he’s already agreed and appeared at a press conference to announce? If this was anybody at any club in any sport it would be poor, but for Shaun Edwards to do this to Wigan, with all the history, is beyond belief."

@johnnyddavidson: "Be quite crazy if Shaun Edwards ends up coaching Wigan now. Terrible look."

@MartynSadler: "Still nothing definitive on the Shaun Edwards situation at @WiganWarriorsRL."

@thersw (Richard Shaw-Wright‏): "It's my understanding that Theresa May has been put in charge of getting deals through at Wigan."

@Gemma_L_Carter: "Still doesn’t get away from the fact that both parties allowed a press conference to take place after it was said ‘a 3 year deal had been signed’ - its a lie. Doesn’t sit right with me that."