Shaun Edwards-Wigan Warriors saga: How journalists and fans reacted on social media

Here is a selection of reaction from fans and journalists on social media following the latest twist in the Shaun Edwards-Wigan Warriors saga...

Monday, 18th March 2019, 2:50 pm
Updated Monday, 18th March 2019, 3:58 pm
Shaun Edwards with Ian Lenagan in August last year

@RodStudd: "I’m not sure what this even means? It reads like Shaun Edwards hasn’t answered his phone. On August 8 2018 Wigan announced Mr Edwards had signed a 3 year contract. Yesterday he said he hasn’t. Come on now...What sort of thing is happening here?"

@RichdelaRiviere: “I’ve seen some cock-ups in this sport before, but Wigan not getting Shaun Edwards to sign a contract is right up there. That’s assuming Edwards’ version is correct. What a shambles. Why let Wane go? Why get Lam only for one year?”

@MarkWilsonRadio: "So @WiganWarriorsRL unveil a new coach who hasn’t actually signed a contract with the club. The people running Wigan are in effect trying to run Super League...... wow. Talk about a PR disaster."

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@WeahsCousin: “Shaun Edwards appears to have absolutely no intention of going back to Wigan.”

@WiganRLFans: "At a loss with this one. The perception is that it was all a PR Stunt just days before this years season tickets went on sale last August. Especially as Edwards said "I'd buy a season ticket" during the press call. Will be interesting to hear what Wigan have to say."

@andy_shawcross: “Absolute embarrassment. Nailed on for England Head Coach role. Massive cock up by Wigan and another sign of poor management at the top following the cap breach.”

@gwebo79: “Leave him in Union. Sign somebody else @WiganWarriorsRL make it quick! Do the right thing for the players and the supporters.”

@PhilB1985: “Surely it’s untenable for Shaun Edwards to take the @WiganWarriorsRL job now regardless? I wouldn’t want him if I was a Wigan fan now.”

@paulfinchauthor: “It implies to me that what we thought we'd learned yesterday was less than factual. If Wigan are seeking clarity from Shaun Edwards about HIS intentions, it suggests that the ball is firmly in his court.”

@neilybyrne in response to @WiganWarriorsRL: “You told us that he had SIGNED a 3 year deal. Now you are wanting to speak to him clarify his intentions. Did he sign a contract or not?”

@Lara__1302 replying to @WiganWarriorsRL: “To be fair need clarification as to why they didn’t get him to sign a contract?! But yet told fans to “buy a season ticket”. No contract was on the table and now look what’s happened!”

@PaulHolden1449 to @WiganWarriorsRL: “This tells nobody anything. The club I’ve loved for 40 years is rapidly turning into a shambles.”

@BillyCa22551801: “Was this statement done by the same person who explained to us what Brexit is all about and the offside rule in round ball??”

@NBoycott: “Strange Club statement from @WiganWarriorsRL You said Shaun Edwards was coming in 2020, he says you haven't given him a contract. You either have, or you haven't? Not rocket science is it...”

@nolobstershere: “… His intentions? Your making yourself look a laughing stock. Are you trying to get him on a 0 Hour Contract (laughing face).”

@PenBedW: "Seems most likely that Shaun Edwards is expecting, or has got, a better offer from somewhere. It's nothing to do with rugby union in Wales, because it's very clear he won't be working for the national team. People should perhaps ask whether Edwards is true to his word #Wigan"

@andystreackle: "If Edwards doesn’t have the decency to return phone calls by the end of the day then withdraw the offer & move on. The level of unprofessionalism on both sides is frightening tbh.