Wigan Warriors prop hails 'protege'!

Ben Flower
Ben Flower

Ben Flower admits he loves the ‘tiger’ in Wigan team-mate Oli Partington’s game – because it reminds him of himself at the same age!

Partington is one of the young guns who’ve stepped up for the Warriors this term as injuries have bitten.

Despite lacking experience, Partington has wanted for nothing in terms of the aggression Flower believes is a key part of his own game.

“Oli P, I love him, he reminds me of a young me,” revealed the Welsh prop.

“You can’t train what he has, it’s in you.

“And if you try and train it out of him, he’s not the player he can be.

“If I didn’t have that in me, I’d be a bang-average player.

“I need it in me to compete against the best props, and he has it.”