Dinosaurs roam Haigh Woodland Park

Family fun at the Dino Days event, with theatrical dinosaur shows from Rentadinosaur Ltd, held at Haigh Woodland Park, Wigan.

Dinosaurs roam Haigh Woodland (Jurassic) Park, allowing families to get up close to the reptiles with the live interactive walkabouts.

The three-and-a-half-hour-long event was a hit among visitors at the park with the morning and afternoon slots on both days being mostly sold out.

Activities included how to train your dinosaur, dino babies feeding time and the Terribly Terrific Pterosaur Show.

There was also a dino dance and singalong, a Dr Fossil show with Tiny, the huge triceratops and the super silly Spinosaurus Sports Day.

Children could also get creative in the Cretaceous Craft marquee where they could create their own fossils, dino skeletons, fuzzy felts and triceratops hats.

They could also play in the Jurassic Playground tent, complete with play area filled with tunnels and dinosaur footprint stepping stones as well as a dino book corner and dress up area.

People could also see virtual dinosaurs across the site through their phone via their love exploring app.

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