Music Scene: Dirty Circus head for the road

Dirty Circus is heading out on the road as a well-known Wigan band prepares for an exciting autumn of high-profile gigs.

Sunday, 1st September 2019, 9:28 am
Updated Sunday, 1st September 2019, 10:28 am
Dirty Circus

The eclectic indie group is gearing up for a headlining show at the Bread Shed in Manchester which is expected to be attended by hundreds of fans and is also getting ready for other live dates in the city and in London before returning to Wigan to cap off the year with a hometown event.

Dirty Circus are renowned for their high-energy live shows and the band is excited about playing for bigger audiences.

The group has also been hard at work writing and says audiences at the gigs will be treated to their new sound as well as the tracks off their album What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Worse, which was released last year 10 years after they wrote it while signed to a major label.

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Frontman Chris Binns said: “We’ve got some pretty big gigs coming up. The one at the Bread Shed is massive, it will probably be the biggest Manchester gig we’ve done since the early Noughties.

“It’s been going well since we did the album but we’ve got a lot of new stuff ready too. We’ve probably written another full album’s worth of songs and we’re just trying to get dates sorted in the studio.

“We’ve been playing a few new songs already and by the time we play these gigs this autumn we want the majority of the set to be new.

“Releasing the album after 10 years was a full stop on that period of our careers. This is now the start of what we are in 2019 as a band.

“The album is a celebration of what we did when we were first together. Since then we’ve been listening to a lot of different music and we’ve evolved.

“The new songs are a lot dancier although they’ve still got a lot of the influences we’ve always had. We’ve lost a guitarist so that’s given us more synth in our sound and there’s more drum machines and programming in there.

“It’s pretty exciting and after a few months of writing and recording we’re looking forward to playing live. We’re excited to get the new songs out there.

We want to create more of a massive house party atmosphere rather than a traditional gig.”

Dirty Circus’ autumn jaunt begins on October 5 with an appearance at an all-day event at Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Stretford before the band returns to the city for the big gig at the Bread Shed on October 26.

The group also plays Aatma in Manchester on November 14 and is planning a trip to the capital city that month as well.

Dirty Circus then returns to Wigan for one of the liveliest nights of the year, Mad Friday, when they will bring in the Christmas revelry in their own unique style at The Old Courts.

Chris is promising “a massive house party” at the Crawford Street venue with a DJ joining the band on the bill.

The group’s album, which was rescued from a decade of limbo after they were dropped from a major label, has been streamed around 16,000 times so far, a highly-credible figure for a self-released effort.

Dirty Circus’ sound has always fused a large number of elements blending indie and rock with traces of house, hip-hop and many other styles.

Find out more about the band by searching for Dirty_circus on Facebook.