Wigan band sends message the arts are still standing

Rockers Boomin have released a new version of a classic song to defiantly proclaim culture will continue despite a terrible year in 2020 for the sector.

The three-piece has produced a single of its cover of Elton John track I’m Still Standing.

However, the group has changed the title to We’re Still Standing (We Make Events) and altered some of the lyrics to discuss the grim situation which creatives have faced during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Boomin spoke of how musicians and other people in the arts have been unable to put on live events and sometimes struggled to get enough support from the Government.

The group turns its fire on politics in the song, with one section in which bassist Rory O’Grady and guitarist Adam Langmead, who came up with the idea for the track, trade examples of how people have been badly treated by the Government during the pandemic.

Rory said: “The idea came to Adam when there was discussion about how the industry is struggling.

“Sectors like music and the performing arts were last for support. We’re just being a bit forgotten. We’ve had no gigs, theatres around the world are not putting anything on.

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“It keeps coming up that even during lockdown people were able to get on a plane but couldn’t sit in a theatre.

“Then there was the chancellor Rishi Sunak who came out and said people should retrain. It felt like he was saying they weren’t going to help.

“That was a moment the whole thing tipped over. What are you meant to do? You’ve worked at something all your life and then you’re told you should go and re-study to do something else.

“We’ve also referenced We Make Events with the lyrics we’ve changed and we’ve also included Save The Arts to show our support for that.”

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The song references the different levels of furlough support that have been available for workers who could not continue with their jobs during the lockdowns and looks at the implications of Covid-19 and how it has been handled on issues such as mental health.

The arts have faced a particularly tough time with recording and performing venues all being shut and festivals and live events not allowed to take place.

And as Boomin make clear, that affects far more people than just the big names in the limelight.

Rory said: “Everyone around the performing arts, like those behind the scenes in the crew, is involved in this.

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“It takes a full machine to put on a gig or whatever. It’s not just about the person on stage.”

We’re Still Standing (We Make Events), by Boomin, has been released now.

A video of the track is available to watch on Facebook and Youtube.

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