Duo’s new album is too chonkin’ good

WIGAN’S funniest duo, Chonkinfeckle are ready to hit the Wigan audience with their storming new album complete with memories, anecdotes and comparisons of the borough.

The ukelele partners have three album’s worth of material and have now recorded their debut album which features the legendary track, I’m From Wigan Me.

With songs entitled, Stilettos, The Texan from Goose Green and Gypsy Don’s Petulengro’s Magic Hedgehog Oil, there is sure to be something everybody in Wigan can relate to.

Les Hilton is the main lyricist of the group. He said: “I’m fascinated by the Wigan dialect so there is a lot of Wigan slang in our songs that people will relate to.

“I do love reminiscing and singing about people’s memories of things in Wigan but the album also has songs about newer things.

“For example, there is a song about a chemist in Ince, where they would always tell you to go back the next day, but there is also a song about people saying how good it is to be an 18-year-old these days.”

Les and his partner Tim Cooke are now up to mastering their tracks which they hope to release online.

Tim added: “It would be great if we could get this album in some of the Wigan shops.

“The songs are just brilliant.”