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Eating Out

The search begins for the Curry House of the year ...

We are on the hunt for the best Curry House of 2018.

Eating Out
The move comes as pressure grows on companies

McDonald's rolls out paper straws to all UK and Ireland restaurants

McDonald's is replacing plastic straws with paper ones across all its UK and Ireland restaurants after a successful trial.
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The move will pit Deliveroo directly against Just Eat

Food fight hots up as Deliveroo takes bite out of Just Eat's market

Deliveroo has announced a radical shift in strategy that will see the rivals go head-to-head in Britain's takeaway market.
The switch will affect all 880 Wetherspoon pubs from July 9

Wetherspoon's to serve more UK and non-EU drinks

Pub chain Wetherspoon is to sell more drinks from the UK and non-EU brewers in the run up to Brexit.
A former launderette could soon be selling craft beer

Plans being made for new real ale bar in town

Our beer expert Andrew Nowell finds out how a former launderette may become a new microbar...
Salad Cream

Salad Cream to be renamed Sandwich Cream by food giant Heinz

Food giant Heinz is considering changing the name of its Salad Cream for the first time in 104 years to Sandwich Cream because few customers actually use it on salads.

The Wild Boar Inn

Travel: Wild Boar Inn, Windermere

When choosing a wild weekend away, you can’t go wrong with beer, smoking and guns.
PIC: North Yorkshire Police

Police stop golf buggy at McDonald's drive through

Police have stopped a golf buggy at a McDonald's drive through.
Overstocking at supermarkets is one of the factors

UK 'could be reaching peak Prosecco'

Sales of sparkling wine have continued to increase but at a slower rate, suggesting the UK could be approaching "peak Prosecco", says a report.

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Coffee lovers are being conned

High quality beans may not be what they seem, study shows

Coffee lovers are being conned by suppliers fraudulently mixing inferior beans into products labelled 100% Arabica, scientists have learned.

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Our beer expert Andrew Nowell

Camra misses chance to embrace growing craft scene

Our beer expert Andrew Nowell takes a look at a split of opinion in the world of ale...

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LISTED: Salmonella, listeria & glass: The food products recalled in the past two weeks and why

It's always good to know what's in your food - but it's also important to check if what's in your cupboard has been hooked off the shelves since you bought it.

Our beer expert Andrew Nowell

Enjoy some English real ales to stir up the pride in our nation

Our beer expert, Andrew Nowell, casts his taste buds over some patriotic offerings...

Our beer expert Andrew Nowell had a rail good time!

Full steam ahead for a great ale day on the rails

Our beer expert Andrew Nowell is on track for a thirst-quenching journey of discovery...

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The River Ribble outside the Spread Eagle at Sawley

Restaurant review: The Spread Eagle at Sawley near Clitheroe

Nestled next to a soaring stretch of the beautiful  River Ribble, with views stretching a cross the Forest of Bowland, The Spread Eagle at Sawley has earned its reputation as a calming bolt-hole in a stunning corner of our beautiful Lancashire countryside.
Our beer expert Andrew Nowell

War on small brewers is misguided and dangerous

Our beer expert Andrew Nowell takes a look at a potentially 'disatrous' attack on smaller breweries...
The sugar tax will affect the cost of soft drinks

Five things to know about sugar tax on soft drinks

As the sugar tax levy comes into force today, we look at what this will mean for the regions consumers.

Our beer expert Andrew Nowell

Marketing experts can get a free hand in beer world

Our beer expert, Andrew Nowell, looks at the marketing of beer in his weekly column, Hoppy Hour...

Jerrelle Guy.

Food & Drink: Why baking is about soul searching and power as well as eating

You may not have heard of food writer and stylist Jerrelle Guy yet, but once you see it, you’ll want to jump right into her debut cookbook, Black Girl Baking.
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