I’m doing it for my mum

Mick Doherty, from Hindley, with his mum Joyce who has had a stroke
Mick Doherty, from Hindley, with his mum Joyce who has had a stroke

THE thought of his mum will keep Mick Doherty going when he takes part in the Great Manchester 10k Run on May 20.

A year ago, 62-year-old Joyce Doherty, of Aspull, suffered a stroke, creating a huge impact on her life.

Mick, 39, of Hindley, said: “A year ago, mum was working part-time as a cleaner, and living a pretty normal life. “Then everything changed.

“Her initial symptom was high blood pressure, but as it persisted, the doctors became increasingly concerned. “One day, mum told me that she was feeling unwell, and after a trip to hospital we were shocked to discover she’d experienced a series of small strokes.

“The side effects came quickly.

“Her eyesight quickly deteriorated, leaving her without half her field of vision - with the remaining half in a foggy haze.

“But what proved most damaging to mum was the psychological impact.

“Her self confidence drained away overnight, as she was forced to give up work and rely more on family for day to day support.

“Just simple things like getting around or nipping down the shops became impossible without assistance.”

“Mum and the family were at a real low-point, when we discovered Think Ahead Stroke Group.

“They knew exactly what we were going through and set about helping mum get her life back, and things started to slowly improve.

“Suddenly mum was making new friends and enjoying new experiences - all because Think Ahead and her new friends gave her the confidence to be a bit more adventurous.

“A year on and things have improved beyond recognition.

“Yes it’s still a challenge, but nothing like it was – and mum’s vision has even started to improve a bit.”

For more information on Think Ahead Stroke Group, 28 Leigh Street, Wigan, visit www.think-ahead.org.uk or call 01942 824888.